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Datum Avatar Name Scores
05.10.2015 10:57:42 Gast 268,885
04.10.2015 17:30:58 Gast 192,793
05.10.2015 16:57:43 Gast 96,634

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Gast_9314: I see
Gast_8643: This Android thing? «link» nvm its just a bunch of stuff.
Gast_2083: Kodi is extra prominent than ever before. Did you understand that there are millions of TELEVISION boxes in the world right currently being utilized for Kodi?
Gast_5133: oh yeah I remember that I want this streamer!! «link»
Gast_8024: :)
Gast_4208: quiet down you
Gast_9839: ....
Gast_3736: Hey whats the point to talk on this chat «link»
Gast_6287: ikr I'm thinking about it...
Gast_3531: Eww the Amazon stick seriously sucks donkey shit
Gast_5978: :O
Gast_1893: :O
Gast_6480: Kodi is the swiss-army blade of media. «link» It does fairly essentially every little thing and then some. Wish to watch your video collection from your USB drive? That's light work. Intend to stream the most recent flicks that are still in the theater? There are neighborhoods of addon designers that are making Kodi do it all. While not all of them are legal ( and also we do not suggest illegal streaming) it simply goes to reveal you what Kodi is really efficient in.
Gast_9225: You want a box? How Matricom's awesome box? «link»
Gast_7206: I saw that.... shit
Gast_4960: I tried «link» to download the hottest tunes for free.
Gast_7434: quiet down yall
Gast_4346: Did you hear about the bees dying!
Gast_7917: oh really?... well then I might check Matricom «link» to get an Android box.
Gast_4339: great comeback
Gast_5110: Here's that blog post regarding XBMC apps that I am referring to «link»
Gast_9555: If you're looking for a gadget that runs Android as well as Kodi, there's lots of options below also. That couldn't be more accurate than with picking the ideal Kodi box.
Gast_5012: Kodi is more popular than ever before. Did you know that there are millions of TELEVISION boxes in the world right now being used for Kodi?
Gast_4754: ;)
Gast_6346: :P
Gast_8229: Yall lamers dont be making sense at all.
Gast_6960: For sure the matricom device is much better for Kodi. «link»
Gast_6599: I am returning my box. I prefer Matricom's G-Box now.
Gast_5081: Quite interesting stuff!
Gast_7940: And?
Gast_6272: uhm then which box do you decide on?
Gast_7111: Well you can check out at the options they have «link»
Gast_9280: great comeback
Gast_6275: Kodi is even more popular than ever. Did you understand that there are countless TELEVISION boxes in the globe today being made use of for Kodi? And that's counting Matricom boxes alone! Obviously, we can not count the boxes that we have not marketed, but the number is incredible as well as is growing each day.
Gast_8026: «link» <--- this one has great stories
Gast_3008: entertainment stories? Check it out «link»


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)