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23.08.2015 12:53:48 Gast 49,300
25.08.2014 14:55:45 Gast 21,400
25.08.2014 11:26:54 Gast 10,800

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Gast_2633: How about Kodi Add-ons? «link» How about does Matricom support Kodi?
Gast_8226: :)
Gast_1289: In either case you go, you can't fail. Both options are extremely cost effective as well as will certainly offer years of Kodi entertainment for you and your entire family.
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Gast_2670: «link» gives the unlimited DJ music download option
Gast_7685: where yall located like what state?
Gast_1184: Hey
Gast_8765: You might not need a box at all! There's plenty of devices around a lot more affordable than a set-top box that can take care of the job easily, such as the OmniStick S8X by Matricom. This little stick resembles the Firestick, except it's designed particularly for Kodi. There's no Android OS hindering
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Gast_8519: Where's u all from around which country?
Gast_3470: You want a box? I was thinking about Matricom's Android TV box? «link»
Gast_8488: I can see that.... wow
Gast_7764: What are you thinking about now?
Gast_4913: Wow..
Gast_9553: All of it boils down to what you get out of your Kodi gadget. Do you intend to make use of Kodi primarily?
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