7up Pinball Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
27.12.2014 12:07:37 Gast 17,705,510
29.11.2014 19:35:35 Gast 12,256,990
02.06.2013 11:07:41 Gast 9,683,550
19.11.2009 22:08:44 Gast 9,396,160
21.09.2010 06:19:49 Gast 9,090,060
17.04.2010 22:00:02 Gast 8,987,650
27.03.2010 16:08:20 Gast 8,903,960
11.01.2011 11:15:49 Gast 7,394,270
29.03.2015 22:13:54 Gast 7,091,870
19.07.2010 11:31:50 Gast 6,607,020

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