3 Wheel Slot Machine Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
21.03.2012 21:03:19 Gast 5,500
20.03.2012 20:56:53 Gast 4,068
25.09.2013 22:12:26 Gast 1,707
13.09.2012 19:27:12 Gast 1,103
06.09.2012 10:52:44 Gast 1,051
02.02.2012 08:09:54 Gast 650
03.12.2014 19:40:35 Gast 647
19.07.2014 13:47:52 Gast 604
01.02.2012 22:26:29 Gast 505
30.01.2013 18:20:56 Gast 504

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Gast_9979: What do you mean
Gast_8705: Wow.... There is really actual people in here chatting it up?
Gast_2645: I don't know though
Gast_1245: well, really?
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Gast_2495: You peeps haven't be making sense at all.
Gast_9601: I am pretty friggin bored of this crap
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