Slots Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
20.08.2010 11:24:26 Gast 335
15.11.2010 16:50:03 Gast 272
15.11.2010 17:31:23 Gast 800
16.02.2011 18:49:53 Gast 424
24.01.2015 05:11:14 Gast 100
25.01.2015 11:40:35 Gast 105
25.01.2015 12:33:30 Gast 1,020
14.07.2015 01:26:58 Gast 241
28.07.2015 20:54:13 Gast 116

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Gast_9607: Forreal forreal! Shocked that people are even converse in this chat
Gast_7606: >.<
Gast_4794: ahh yeah I remember that I own this device!! «link»
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