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19.10.2010 20:20:47 Gast 8,951
28.11.2010 18:50:39 Gast 8,251
24.09.2010 13:01:47 Gast 8,106
04.07.2010 17:08:21 Gast 8,055
20.02.2016 16:25:42 Gast 6,864
21.09.2010 14:45:46 Gast 6,143
31.12.2014 12:01:56 Gast 5,922
30.12.2014 23:01:37 Gast 4,025
18.02.2011 09:19:41 Gast 2,948
02.08.2011 20:18:26 Gast 2,329

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Gast_3079: What are we thinking about again?
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Gast_9139: Your point?
Gast_1010: Yo peeps
Gast_6447: What are you doing
Gast_3407: What were we talking about now?
Gast_7304: Blah the Amazon Fire TV totalllly licks ass
Gast_1794: jm4eam
Gast_2041: Hold on! There are honestly actual peeps in here chatting it up?
Gast_7776: well...
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Gast_9273: ikr let me...
Gast_4245: efps4k
Gast_6212: Which Android boxes? Everbody uses these «link»
Gast_8775: Hey I aint tryna fight with u about it...
Gast_1078: zmi660
Gast_3195: I dunno though


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)