Balloon Hunter
Shoot the balloons but becareful not to miss, as you only have 5 shots!

Balloon Hunter Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
25.01.2012 09:11:46 Gast 1,576
16.01.2013 20:11:54 Gast 539
14.09.2014 14:43:17 Gast 517
18.10.2010 19:26:12 Gast 435
24.11.2014 19:00:06 Gast 181
23.11.2014 17:22:52 Gast 128
08.04.2012 12:51:18 Gast 121
18.10.2010 19:09:12 Gast 116
09.04.2010 02:37:43 Gast 87
21.09.2010 06:25:08 Gast 69
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