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Gast_5668: By Anastacia Mott AustinFor years, devotees of various forms of meditation have insisted that regular practice can make you a better person. It turns out they are right, and scientists are backing them up.A new study released by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-M), published in the March 26th issue of The Public Library of Science One has shown that people can literally train their brains (and of course, their spirits) to be more compassionate toward others.The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) imaging to examine the brains of 16 Tibetan monks who had years of practice in compassion meditation. They matched these folks, by age, with 16 other people who had only had simple introductory instructions on compassion meditation.During the testing, researchers and UW-M professors Richard Davidson and Antoine Lutz asked both the control and experimental groups to imagine feelings of loving kindness, first toward people they knew, and then toward humanity in general, while playing audio sounds of varying human emotions. The fMRI scans of the monks showed high activity in the insular cortex, an area of the brain near the frontal lobe which reacts when emotions are triggered. The more intensely the participants felt the compassion meditation, the more activity was observed in the insular cortex."The insular cortex is extremely important in detecting emotions in general, and specifically in mapping bodily responses to emotion," said Davidson, "such as heart rate and blood pressure, and making that information available to other parts of the brain." There was far less activity detected in the insular cortex of the brains of the untrained subjects.High activity was also detected in the monks' temporal parietal juncture, an area on the right side of the brain that is responsible for empathetic responses to others' emotional states. The findings that both of these emotionally responsive areas of the brain were more active in the monks during meditation was meaningful to the author's study."Both of these areas have been linked to emotion sharing and empathy," said Davidson. "The combination of these two effects, which was much more noticeable in the expert meditators as opposed to the novices, was very powerful."What do they think this means for our everyday lives?It means that we can train our minds to become more empathetic with regular compassion meditation. The researchers believe this will be especially useful in populations of people with a history of depression, or children and adolescents who have a difficult time empathizing with the plight of others."We can take advantage of our brain's plasticity and train it to enhance these qualities," says Davidson to reporters. "People are not just stuck at their respective set points."Granted, not everyone has the time and the focus to devote thousands of hours to daily meditation, as monks do. But the findings are still encouraging because they indicate that personality
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Gast_1188: La relazione tra l'uomo e il cane è davvero speciale, poiché tra le due specie si è verificato un fenomeno di coevoluzione di alcune modalità di comunicazione: un caso assolutamente unico, per quanto se ne sa, nell'intero mondo animale. Un gruppo di ricercatori della Azabu University a Sagamihara, in Giappone, ha infatti scoperto che quando le due specie interagiscono entra in azione un meccanismo di rafforzamento delle relazioni sociali basato sul rilascio di ossitocina, che in origine si era evoluto per rafforzare i legami tra genitori e figli. Come si legge in un articolo pubblicato su “Science”, Miho Nagasawa e colleghi hanno dimostrato in una lunga serie di esperimenti che i cani, anche da cuccioli, rispondono spontaneamente a numerosi gesti di comunicazione sociale cooperativa tipici dell'uomo, per esempio i segnali che incitano a trovare un bocconcino o un giocattolo nascosti. A confronto, le grandi scimmie - che pure sono molto più vicine a noi dal punto di vista evolutivo - per acquisire questa abilità devono aver frequentato a lungo gli esseri umani. La prova più significativa che fra uomo e cane c'è un circuito di rinforzo delle relazioni sociali mediato dall'ossitocina è che il reciproco contatto visivo prolungato fra cane e proprietario provoca in entrambi un aumento dei livelli di ossitocina paragonabile a quello indotto dallo stesso comportamento fra genitori e figli nelle due specie.
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Gast_3408: Whales, dolphins and porpoises, together form the cetacea family. The cetaceans are a different type of mammal, that thrive in an aquatic habitat. They breathe through their lungs, and come up to the surface of the water to breathe. They also have bones in their fins that are very similar to the limbs of mammals. The cetaceans, unlike the fish and the amphibians, do not lay eggs for reproducing, but give birth to their offspring. Often these creatures have also been termed as leviathans.Scientists and experts have long been pondering on the problem of tracing the evolution of the cetacean family and in particular whales. This was a difficult task due to the lack of evidence in nature as well as the fossil gap (inconsistency in the fossil records). Recent studies of fossils found in Pakistan have given rise to a concrete theory about their stages of evolution.Most experts believe that whales are closely related to the hoofed animals (scientifically known as ungulates), Mesonychids. This species had a wolf-like appearance with hooves, and triangular teeth extremely similar to modern whales. The validity of this theory, however, has been questioned. The molecular phylogeny data collected has strongly indicated that the early whales living on land belonged to the mammal order of Artiodactyla, or even toed ungulates. Scientists nowadays also believe that early whales were very closely related to the hippopotamus, which also belonged to the Artiodactyla order.The stage of evolution that came next made the early whales take the form of mammals living in water as well as land, and display more of an amphibian behavior. Scientists believed this mammal to be the Pakicetus. The Pakicetus roamed the earth prominently during the Eocene epoch that occurred about 53 million years ago. Fossils of these animals indicate that they were large dog-like creatures and had hooves. The shape of the skull and the ear of these animals had a strong resemblance to the modern whale. The teeth of these animals were also similar to modern whales. Fossils of a similar creature, by the name Indohyus, were found in Kashmir. The Indohyus fossil distinctly displays its adaptability to aquatic life. It existed about 48 million years ago and was smaller than the Pakicetus.The fossils recently found in Pakistan belonged to a creature known as the Ambulocetus, which was believed to have evolved from the Indohyus and the Pakicetus. The Ambulocetus fossils show us that it was a long amphibious creature resembling a crocodile. This animal had better evolved feet for swimming as well as walking.The two animals that evolved from the Ambulocetus, the Protocetus and the Rodhocetus, resembled modern whales with respect to the nasal openings and the development of the vertebral column. The next step in the evolution of whales was when the Basilosaurus and the Dorudontids appeared, which were both fully developed marine animals belonging to the cetacean family. The first whale-like cetacean appe
Gast_1966: It does not matter whether you are 15 or 35, acne can attack anyone anytime. While it is understandable to have breakouts during adolescence , none wants to suffer from acne in adulthood. Interestingly, at least 90% people under stress have reported acne related-problems. But does stress and acne certainly have a tie? Is it really coincidental that an acne showed up on your appearance right before the company confront or a time with that hottie? For times, dermatologists around the world have debated over the likely concerning the relationship between stress and acne. Nonetheless, learns have confirmed that stress aggravates acne severity.Any environmental changes that establish hormonal inequality in the body can cause acne. When the bark removes dead surface cadres, they may stick to the skin's surface due to lubricants and capture bacteria. This causes acne. Acne is a type of skin inflammation that may spread to bigger skin areas if left untreated. What is stress doing to my person? Stress increases the supplying of adrenaline in the blood, a hormone represented in both males and females. This leads to increased levels of the hormone 'cortisol' secreted in your person which stops its hormonal balance. Undue adrenaline increases the nutrient-absorbing ability of their own bodies and immediately criticizes our largest part, the bark. Can I accuse stress for acne breakouts? Research supports that stress motives variations in the hormone creation. The National Institutes of Health( NIH ), U.S.A ., acknowledges stress to be one of the reasons that can continue acne. Psychological Outcome: When your form is under stress, its exemption to fight foreign figures declines greatly. This reduces the ability of the body to salve by 40%. The occasion taken for acne is to clarify naturally slows down dramatically, increases the look of acne, and leaves the skin with unsightly flaws. Physical Result: During stress, the nervous system quickens the production of excess sebum, containing the corticotropin-releasing hormone( CRH ), which is the primary reasonablenes for hair loss, impediment openings, and oily surface. This aggravates acne questions. So, stress has a dual accomplish in worsening your skin's state. Are adults at a danger of stress-related acne more? Yes. Since adults at a higher danger of having stress, "its also" more likely to be affected by stress-related acne. How should I deal with my acne trouble? Wash your skin with an anti-bacterial soap, preferably containing benzoyl peroxide. Drink enough irrigate to flush out the toxins from your blood. Do not try to squeeze out the acne else it is likely to lead to permanent scarring. Use clean tissues to wipe your scalp and do not re-use. Plenty over-the-counter topical lotions are accessible, but may considerably ruffle the skin on exposure to the harsh compounds used in them. Instead, you should immediately consult your dermatologist for a immediate solution as he understands your bark better. Excl
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Gast_6368: Jolly RogerThe Jolly Roger, a flag displaying a skull and crossbones along with its several variations, was designed and used by pirates for scaring their victims into surrendering without daring to put up a fight. Though this symbol has come to be associated with all pirates today, very few pirates actually did use it, and instead resorted to using plain black flags.While tattoos may have become a style statement today, there was a time when they signified something entirely different, and were worn only by select groups of people. One of these were the criminals who wore tattoos which represented their allegiance to the particular group that they belonged to. The other were the sailors who usually inked them to symbolize the hard and dangerous life that they led at sea.Pirates, who were criminal sailors, led lives that closely resembled that of both these groups. Today, with epic movies such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and immortal characters like 'Captain Jack Sparrow' played by Johnny Depp, pirates have come to symbolize cool, and the pirate life - a symbol of danger, adventure, and intrigue, has come in vogue. Hence, even though the idea of jumping on a pirate ship to plunder the seas is clearly against good sense and judgment, getting a pirate tattoo is certainly appealing.In the following sections, we present some cool pirate ship tattoo design ideas, designed to fill your heart with excitement and thrill, and make you go 'Aarrrgggg!!!' with amazement.Pirate Ship Tattoo Designs Basic Pirate Ship The basic pirate ship tattoo is typically made in black ink. It displays a pirate ship, and importantly, the Jolly Roger symbol. The ship can be sketched showing a lot of fine details, and the symbol can be displayed either as a flag on top of a mast, or on one of the ship's sails. Pirate Ship Message In this type of design, along with the pirate ship and associated symbols, the wearer can flaunt a quote or a message on the tattoo. While this message can be anything that is close one's heart, it is a good idea to use one that relates to the sea, ship, and/or pirate life. Pirate Ship Compass Rose This tattoo is a combination of two popular designs - pirate ship and compass rose. It can be made using any color, and can include a message as well. Again, using a message that is related to 'adventure' symbolized by the pirate ship design, as well as 'directions' symbolized by the compass rose design, will obviously make it more appealing and apt. Pirate Ship Abstract Design In the abstract design, along with the pirate ship, one can creatively integrate two or more elements associated with pirates and the pirate-life within the tattoo. These can include the Jolly Roger, guns, eye-patches, or even a small outline of the famous Jack Sparrow! Ghostly Pirate Ship This is another example of how, by combining two great tattoo designs creatively, one can come up with a unique concept. In this tattoo, a creepy pirate ship design can be created by adding ghost
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