Dolphin Olympics 2

Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by swimming and flipping your dolphin.

Dolphin Olympics 2 Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
26.11.2015 20:12:44 Gast 127,370
25.11.2015 15:31:07 Gast 24,361
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Gast_5973: Heyaaaaazzz
Gast_3527: Microsoft supports Kodi now. «link»
Gast_9426: They found some details on Android boxes here «link»
Gast_2022: What are we talking about again?
Gast_2681: Then you might not require a box whatsoever! There's lots of gadgets available much more budget-friendly than a set-top box that can handle the task conveniently, such as the OmniStick S8X by Matricom. This little stick is similar to the Firestick, except it's designed particularly for Kodi. There's no Android OS obstructing
Gast_4977: I will give Kodi «link» a look
Gast_9822: Uhm let me...
Gast_4835: I'm so friggin bored of this sheeit
Gast_5878: Oh lol real peeps haha
Gast_2058: I don't know honestly
Gast_6713: You can see the blogs are interesting «link»
Gast_8100: this android device: «link» Freaking awesome Android Settop Boxes
Gast_6918: Hi peeps
Gast_5608: I'll have the funds for for them.
Gast_3050: Should I select the G-Box Q3 or the OmniStick S8X?
Like we stated before, both tools were made with Kodi in mind. The OmniStick was created especially to run Kodi-- so if your objective is a easy Kodi media playing tool that is easy as well as straight-forward to use for anyone that's acquainted with Kodi, then that's your best choice. If you want to utilize and install android apps Kodi part-time while you do other things such as internet surfing or perhaps some cloud pc gaming on Android, the G-Box Q3 would be the very best fit.
Gast_9102: Thefuture is definitely cool. I found it here «link»
Gast_3834: Kodi is the swiss-army blade of media. «link» It does fairly essentially whatever and afterwards some. Intend to view your video clip collection from your USB drive? That's light work. Wish to stream the newest films that are still in the theater? There are neighborhoods of addon programmers that are making Kodi do it all. While not every one of them are lawful ( and also we do not suggest illegal streaming) it just goes to reveal you what Kodi is really efficient in.
Gast_8799: What are you discussing right now?
Gast_7829: What?! the Amazon Fire Stick totalllly bites donkey nuts
Gast_2941: What about Kodi ADD ons? «link» does Matricom have Kodi?
Gast_5364: «link» online
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Gast_3163: «link» online
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Gast_8454: this one has music news «link»
Gast_2739: What is your favorite app?
Gast_5572: asl
Gast_5151: Either way you go, you can't fail. Both choices are very inexpensive and also will give years of Kodi enjoyment for you and also your entire household.
Gast_6818: If you're looking for a tool that runs Android as well as Kodi, there's plenty of options right here too. That couldn't be more accurate than with choosing the excellent Kodi box.
Gast_7395: Thefuture looks cool. Check it out for yourself «link»
Gast_3656: «link» gives the unlimited DJ music streaming option
Gast_4852: What is ur fav app?
Gast_3340: It's strictly Kodi, which's what you're right here for besides ... right? The Omnistick is extremely effective, runs Kodi like a beast. as well as did we discuss, it's extremely cost effective? If you're seeking an cost effective Kodi streaming device that is developed especially for Kodi, the OmniStick is perfect for you. | It all boils down to what you anticipate from your Kodi gadget. Do you want to make use of Kodi largely? If you're looking for an budget-friendly Kodi streaming gadget that is developed especially for Kodi, the OmniStick is excellent for you.
Gast_9337: Kodi is so much more well-known than ever. Did you know that there are millions of TV boxes in the globe now being utilized for Kodi? Which's counting Matricom boxes alone! Certainly, we can not count packages that we have not sold, but the number is amazing and is growing each day.
Gast_4722: I really don't know practically that. I've tried a lot of them. I'm like it. I gone them all.
Gast_7061: I see
Gast_1405: Heres right here has the most updated tech «link»
Gast_9695: Everybody really prefer this site for gadgets «link»


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