Alien Showdown
Destroy all aliens and their nests to go to next level.

Alien Showdown Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
28.07.2015 21:10:59 Gast 21,180
23.10.2009 21:23:55 Gast 13,350
16.09.2010 11:18:39 Gast 3,120
15.06.2014 14:05:28 Gast 2,820
15.06.2014 12:02:27 Gast 1,560
18.07.2015 13:18:34 Gast 1,290
19.07.2015 15:54:51 Gast 1,140
04.05.2014 05:12:51 Gast 1,140
03.11.2014 09:17:40 Gast 840
08.12.2009 13:48:02 Gast 780
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