30k Starfighter
Destroy enemies while collecting bonuses and power-ups.

30k Starfighter Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
02.09.2015 13:39:02 Gast 58,800
31.12.2013 12:18:21 Gast 11,350
24.12.2014 08:16:05 Gast 9,500
01.08.2011 21:03:43 Gast 7,350
29.09.2013 12:01:52 Gast 6,850
30.01.2013 18:29:27 Gast 4,450
29.03.2015 20:33:04 Gast 4,150
10.05.2011 20:50:30 Gast 1,700
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Gast_7133: Whats ur favorite game?
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Gast_4762: Couldnt choose the box to get though, so I went with this streamer «link»
Gast_4424: where is u guys from near what city?
Gast_1979: Well look at the options they have «link»
Gast_5127: Yall can find more information Kodi at this website «link»
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Gast_6127: Whats your fav game?
Gast_1541: Did you mention a box? I was thinking about Matricom's awesome box? «link»
Gast_5903: hey (Halley ( «link» ))
hey ( «link» )
hey ( «link» )
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Gast_8336: They can find a lot more information kodi at this website «link»
Gast_7734: Amazon's tech news site is pretty decent «link»
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Gast_2866: Yeah «link»
Gast_3464: After that you may not require a box in any way! There's plenty of devices out there even more budget friendly than a set-top box that can take care of the task conveniently, such as the OmniStick S8X by Matricom. This little stick is similar to the Firestick, other than it's developed especially for Kodi. There's no Android OS getting in the way
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