2D Memorize
Find the matching cards to elliminate them. The fewer moves the better the score

2D Memorize Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
11.02.2011 19:54:00 Gast 1,471
27.04.2011 23:04:31 Gast 1,389
24.10.2009 22:20:53 Gast 1,316
29.08.2013 22:01:55 Gast 1,316
30.01.2013 16:10:03 Gast 1,250
17.06.2011 14:44:38 Gast 1,190
08.06.2014 07:14:37 Gast 1,190
15.07.2011 10:18:00 Gast 1,190
29.08.2014 00:31:15 Gast 1,136
26.12.2012 12:50:00 Gast 1,087
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