Jungle Quest
Jungle themed pinball game.

Jungle Quest Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
26.11.2014 23:11:34 Gast 867,200
03.02.2015 17:05:19 Gast 399,600
22.10.2010 21:41:39 Gast 248,600
16.09.2010 10:55:25 Gast 220,300
11.02.2011 14:52:27 Gast 113,600
06.02.2015 11:13:47 Gast 106,800
25.11.2014 14:39:03 Gast 96,900
19.12.2014 07:57:44 Gast 95,300
27.11.2014 18:13:28 Gast 91,800
17.11.2010 17:46:52 Gast 85,300
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