Wheel of fortune
Wheel of fortune Game - Find out what they are searching for using the classic "Wheel of fortune"-Rules.

Wheel of fortune Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
27.02.2012 18:51:49 Gast 911,750
19.11.2009 10:49:17 Gast 860,000
26.05.2014 00:44:44 Gast 442,500
21.02.2011 17:17:01 Gast 400,500
24.07.2010 19:35:30 Gast 363,250
23.08.2015 11:51:31 Gast 279,750
24.07.2010 15:58:42 Gast 209,250
07.02.2015 12:12:11 Gast 148,250
11.01.2011 21:10:52 Gast 135,000
01.02.2011 14:36:43 Gast 37,000
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