Wheel of misfortune
Hit as many points as possible, and avoid hitting your monster pal. Click on the &quot;Choose a Weapon&quot; button to select your weapon.<br /> Move your mouse target araound to choose where to throw. Click the left mouse button to throw. While throwing you must keep target over the area you wish to hit.<br /> When you have used all weapons on every character it&#39;s game over.

Wheel of misfortune Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
13.02.2011 11:35:09 Gast 1,350
29.12.2014 19:42:09 Gast 1,340
23.08.2015 11:19:29 Gast 1,180
26.08.2014 14:35:14 Gast 1,110
26.09.2010 13:40:12 Gast 970
13.01.2011 19:30:23 Gast 970
18.02.2011 07:58:02 Gast 610
18.02.2011 09:47:24 Gast 410
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