Classic old game of pong. Shoot the most points with your paddle and win.

SD-Pong Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
15.10.2010 13:17:04 Gast 1,980
28.10.2008 19:21:04 Gast 1,710
12.04.2013 15:39:29 Gast 1,430
26.10.2014 14:28:47 Gast 1,320
11.04.2014 23:06:05 Gast 1,180
25.03.2011 11:16:47 Gast 1,100
12.04.2013 15:32:35 Gast 940
26.10.2014 16:44:30 Gast 910
13.04.2014 15:56:24 Gast 790
02.05.2012 17:09:45 Gast 530
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