501 Darts
Score 501 in as few darts as possible.

501 Darts Scores
Datum Avatar Name Scores
26.07.2011 20:43:29 Gast 45
15.09.2015 11:32:16 Gast 50
17.02.2013 18:50:05 Gast 51
16.07.2014 17:49:53 Gast 60
02.09.2015 08:54:46 Gast 65
07.06.2015 00:55:19 Gast 69
16.03.2014 23:18:14 Gast 80
19.11.2013 01:43:11 Gast 94
09.06.2013 11:20:17 Gast 104
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