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20.10.2013 12:49:30 Gast 41,010
22.01.2011 16:52:45 Gast 2,246
02.08.2011 20:21:13 Gast 1,246
07.12.2014 19:57:45 Gast 378
14.11.2010 18:54:16 Gast 10
07.12.2014 19:59:56 Gast 10
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Gast_2630: Well I aint wanting to disagree with u abt this...
Gast_5220: You can get plenty of stuff about kodi here «link»
Gast_1859: I can't stand my box. I definitely want Matricom's G-Box first.
Gast_6309: Best Kodi «link» KODI - KODI Media Center - The Kodi resource - Kodi Addons, Installation, VPN, Guides, Android TV Boxes
Gast_3688: Here's the latest News stories «link» Tech stories.
Gast_3949: Amazon's new news blog is pretty decent «link»
Gast_8862: You ppl be chatting too damn much
Gast_7112: :O
Gast_1628: this site is about Music news «link»
Gast_4852: Kodi is so much more well-known than ever before. Did you know that there are countless TELEVISION boxes in the globe today being used for Kodi? Which's counting Matricom boxes alone! Obviously, we can not count packages that we have not marketed, however the number is incredible as well as is expanding every day.
Gast_3956: I observed that.... wow
Gast_5414: hmm yeah?... ok then I'll try to look at Matricom «link» to buy an Android device.
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Gast_7937: I wanna go poop
Gast_6220: haha cmon?... well then I'll check Matricom «link» for an Android box.
Gast_8917: You should went to «link» to stream the latest MP3s for nothing.
Gast_9332: What do you mean
Gast_8766: couldnt figure out which device to get honestly, just went with this streamer «link»
Gast_4593: After that you might not need a box whatsoever! There's a lot of gadgets out there even more affordable than a set-top box that can handle the task quickly, such as the OmniStick S8X by Matricom. This little stick resembles the Firestick, except it's designed especially for Kodi. There's no Android OS hindering
Gast_5081: amazing comeback
Gast_3335: Whats up in this chat?
Gast_6479: This right here has the most updated gadgets «link»
Gast_4675: what...
Gast_9631: I'll offer for them.
Gast_6111: the club music at «link» are pretty great


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